Abris Platform is really good to create a back-end for your database. While the front-end is pretty simple the back-end can be more complicated because of many tables that you need to edit. For every table you need to create a display page, edit form and write some server code to retrieve and save data. It is a long and boring job.

You can be surprised, but your database contains almost all information to create the interface automatically. Abris Platform can do it for you.

First of all we need to get free version of Abris Platform. We will use…

When we want to display data from a large table in the user interface, we usually get it using the query

SELECT * FROM <table_name> WHERE <condition> ORDER BY <key> LIMIT <limit> OFFSET <offset>

If sorting is performed on an indexed field, then the query is executed fast. But is this enough for the user interface to work effectively?

Let’s look at the standard data view.

Screenshot from https://abris.site/pagila/#list/customer

Here we see the result of the query, buttons for switching pages and a field indicating the total number of rows.

This little field brings a big problem. It represents pretty important information for…

Aleksey Novikov

Founder and lead software developer of Abris Laboratory, LLC. Creator of Abris Platform (https://abrisplatform.com). Scientist. Teacher.

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